Our Story

Earthy Grains is born out of our passion for the traditional grains of India.Our artisan micro-bakery is on a mission to bring back ancient Indian grains like Emmer (Khapli), Pearl Millet (Bajra), Jowar, Ragi and many more back into the mainstream.

We pride ourselves in producing small batch slow-fermented bread made with the best of Organic ingredients.

Earthy Grains is run by Priyanka Sirohi.

Priyanka learned the craft of baking sourdough bread from The School of Artisan Food, Nottinghamshire, UK.

While working as a baker at a cafe in New Zealand she explored the local Farmers Markets for various varieties of Sourdough bread.

Once back in India the sheer variety of grains available inspired her to start a micro-bakery of her own.